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Hunting Outlook for 2015-2016

The drought that started in 2011 ended in 2014. This long period of low rainfall had a seriously negative impact on our cattle operation. However, because we removed almost all of the livestock from the ranch during that time and initiated a program of feeding high quality alfalfa to the wildlife, we have come through with very healthy herds of whitetails and exotics. We expect to have excellent hunting during 2015 and the early part of 2016. If you are interested in hunting at Stowers Ranch, please contact us right away so we can arrange a hunt for what you want to shoot and when you want to be here.

2014 was a good year for hunting at the Ranch. Many outstanding whitetail bucks were harvested during the season, with B&C scores ranging from 130 to 164. Pictures of some of them can be seen in our Hunting Photos gallery. By holding down the number of whitetail bucks shot in the last five years and culling inferior bucks we have increased the number of high quality bucks available for harvesting this year.

Our exotics have also done well. Body condition is good, and antler and horn development has been impressive. Our Gemsbok herd is rapidly expanding with high conception, birth, and survival rates. We continue actively to pursue coyotes and wild hogs with the objective of substantially reducing their predation. This is an ongoing task.

Our turkeys are thriving. Long beard gobblers are all over the ranch. We anticipate excellent turkey hunting during the Winter and Spring seasons.